Horses have been intertwined in my life and my career since growing up among the trails and small ranches of the La Canada-Flintridge community. I did some pleasure riding, and always enjoyed being around friends and neighbors who were active in the equestrian community there.

When I came to San Diego after college, I spent almost every weekend in the ring … photographing countless horse shows throughout the county. In my 45 year career, we have photographed hundreds of weddings, thousands of children and families, and thousands of high school seniors. Chances are, you’ve known us from one of those connections.

Throughout that time, photographing horses and their owners has been a special treat for me personally. If you would like a portrait style image of your horse and/or yourself, please visit our Equus portrait gallery. These portraits are intended for home decor.

There are many other reasons you may want our equestrian services, such as action photographs of your hunter/jumper at a time best suited to quality photographs, a polo match, a portrait of your horse for sale purposes, and the most practical of reasons – for insurance.

Whatever your needs for photography involving your horses, we’re looking forward to seeing you!