Portraits of Families & Children

What Is the Value of Your Family Portrait?

The most frequent phrase we hear is, “I’m so thankful for the portraits you created for us!” We’re all living the “virtual life.” Thousands of cell phone shots, fleeting Facebook® selfies, Twitter® and Instagram® favorites - all fun to share, instantly available but just as easily forgotten. Keane Portraits displayed in your home do just the opposite! They provide a real sense of belonging and closeness that becomes a comfort to enjoy each day. The chance to reflect on the eyes and expressions of those you love is always there. That’s timeless.

Please go to our Gallery page to see many examples of family portraits.

What Is the Process?

At Keane Studios, we first want to get to know you. How did you hear about us? Who will be in your portraits? How many are in your family? What are your children’s ages? Do you have pets? Are you involved in activities which could be part of your portrait? Your family session will involve the entire group as well as combinations of different family members. Will a studio or location be more appropriate for your family? You’ll want to know how to dress to match your background, your style and your home.

What Will My Investment Be?

In many ways, photography is like food. You have choices - you can do it yourself, grab fast food, have a quick meal at a local spot or enjoy the quality and experience of a great restaurant. To learn the skills involved in creating a fine meal or a timeless portrait takes years. Keane Studios began almost 50 years ago, and we’ve been honing our craft every day.

For a custom session, fees start at $195. Portraits in printed and digital forms start with Collections as low as $395. Most families spend between $500 and $1500 to include wall portrait sizes. Limited edition themed sessions are available periodically for special occasions. Collections start at $95, with most orders in the $200-600 range. For complete portrait pricing, navigate to our product catalog.